Born in Morocco (1960), in the beautiful and most popular city of Casablanca dubbed as ‘The City of Sin and Intrigue’ by filmmakers, writers, and movie stars who fled from the U.S. in the 50’s making it the Hollywood of it’s era. This history has most definitely had it’s influence on this Actor who is told resembles George Clooney, Anthony Bourdain, Mr. Big from Sex and The City and Mr. Bean!

With a record 6 films (5 shorts and 1 feature) being screened this year at Cannes, it looks to be a breakout year for this versatile actor who’s (50+ film/tv/voice) roles have ranged wildly from Polish Colonel Mikolai in Real Human Being (directed by Naizheng Lang) to World News Tonight Anchorman in Boys of Abu Ghraib (directed by Luke Moran), from Narrator (french dialect) on Send Me To Heaven (Directed by Andrew Aidman) which have earned him a few festival nods, to the whacked out TV Host Dr. Cecil in The Prescription (directed by Charles Sporns) and for his supporting role as the father of a cerebral palsy-stricken son in Whole ‘Nother Level (Cannes 2013). Recently, Alain was selected by Jack Black to shoot a TV pilot standing toe-to-toe with the beloved world famous Actor/Comedian and was featured on Tenacious D’s hit music video also with Jack Black-creating a real boost in Alain’s blossoming career! Other roles have included Mob Boss in Papa Pinata (directed by Harry Locke IV of Code 10 Studios) Mitch Winehouse in The Amy Winehouse Story (directed by Jason Boritz of Regal Films).

Many know Alain for his ability to ‘inspire’ and reminds everyone to “Stay Thirsty My Friends” (a way to remain focused in the zone of creativity and drive). His commitment and sacrifice as an Actor is evident. He has no hesitation when crediting his own inspirations in his acting career from training with MICE IMPROV TROUPE, 10 years of invaluable in-the-moment lessons and showcasing led by Founder Master Improv Coach Michael Chain. Additional training also came from the prestigious DEL MAR MEDIA ARTS led by Founders Bud and Bunny Barth, where he sharpened his Acting, Commercial, and Voice Acting skills. His network consists of a vast group of talented filmmakers, writers, directors, producers, studio execs, friends and family who have all provided inspiration and for which he is forever grateful!